Since being established in February 2005, AlphaBioCom has quickly established itself as a force in medical and scientific communications, with three words serving not only as the company’s motto, but as the principles on which AlphaBioCom was established and would operate.

Precision.    Integrity.    Passion.

Precision, Integrity, and Passion are the three things that underpin any successful business. You have to be right, you have to care about what you do, and you have to act with integrity to gain trust,” Douthwaite says. From its very first project, a market analysis for a vaccine for Valley Fever being supported by the California Healthcare Foundation, AlphaBioCom has been putting those three words into practice.

AlphaBioCom celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015. Its first decade saw some remarkable changes for the company – moves from Broomall to Radnor to its current office in King of Prussia, PA; exponential growth in company size; new clients; new partnerships; new projects. But the company’s commitment to “Precision Integrity Passion” has never faltered.

“To me, it’s enjoyable to watch people achieving the things they want to achieve,” says Ed Shifflett, Partner. “You see every day people learning different things, challenging themselves in science or in projects. Seeing people working together, being respectful to each other – those are the things I enjoy.”

“AlphaBioCom had built its reputation on great people who really care about what they do and who they work for,” Douthwaite says. “Everyone puts in a lot of hard work, dedication, and commitment. These are people who care about what they do.

“We’ve established a very strong reputation for excellence. Clients are going to come to us, get great service, and we’re going to continue upholding our values.”